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The DC Power Series 4000 HP is a dual-purpose 12V, 100Ah (LiFePO4) lithium battery, designed for both deep cycle and engine starting applications and due to its cutting edge BMS which can support a peak discharge rate of 800A (3 secs), making them the perfect solution for starting vehicles, generators and other high current draw devices and after starting, the battery can then double as a house battery providing power for peripherals, accessories and other onboard needs.

Key Features

  • Long cycle life: 10 times of Lead acid battery’s cycle life
  • A peak discharge rate of 800A (3 secs)
  • More usable capacity: up to 100% usable energy
  • Fast charging: 10 times faster than Lead acid battery
  • Easy installation: drop-in replacement for Lead acid battery
  • Low self-discharge: <2% per month
  • Compatible with AGM & GEL battery chargers
  • Increased flexibility: up to 4 batteries connected in series
  • Built-in BMS ensuring battery safety and efficient operation


Solar & Renewable, Aerial Work Platform, Golf Carts & Electric Vehicles, Marine & Leisure, Floor Cleaning, Material Handling Equipment, Vehicle Conversions.


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