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YTX4L-BS, 140cca Motorcycle

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POWEROAD has over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience as well as being one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycle batteries in the world. Specialising in Gel batteries, these high-performance batteries are able to withstand long periods of trickle charging and can stay in a dormant state for weeks at a time making them ideal for bikes with limited use. Gel technology gives more vibration-resistant than standard Lead-acid batteries and are more environment-friendly, eliminating spills and corrosion and have less evaporation which can be a problem for traditional wet charged batteries.

You can be assured that when you purchase a Poweroad battery you get a superior quality battery.

Key Benefits of POWEROAD Nano Gel batteries:

  • High performance starting power.
  • High resilience to deep and repeated discharge.
  • Maintenance free.
  • High vibration resistance.
  • Supplied fully charged and ready to go.
  • Can be installed in any orientation.
  • Made for modern motorcycles, quad bikes, utility terrain vehicles.


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